The podcast scene in Cairo and a letter from lockdown in New York

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What a grey rainy hell-week it’s been in London! And it’s not quite over yet! Hope this missive is a little ray of sunshine for you.

The latest guest on the podcast is journalism professor at The American University of Cairo, Kim Fox.

Kim left the US, where she grew up, for Egypt in 2009. Two years later, a revolution happened. In this episode, she draws parallels behind the 2-million-strong protests in Tahrir Square back then, and the worldwide protests in the wake of George Floyd’s killing now. We also talk about how the next generation use social media, being multimedia in the 1980s and Cairo getting its own podcast festival.

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Global Letters from Lockdown

This week’s global letter from lockdown comes from New York, USA

Jordan Gass-Poore' is an audio producer and news reporter based in NYC, who guested on the second episode of Freelance Pod!

In between covering COVID-19 and its effects for news orgs like Bloomberg, The Atlantic and I Heart Radio, Jordan has managed to launch her own horror-comedy podcast out of lockdown.


Lockdown in New York - Jordan Gass-Poore'

The stay-at-home order has raised my anxiety level. I pace up-and-down my block, smoking more cigarettes than I think I ever have before, which is unfortunate, not just for my health, but for my wallet: the price of cigarettes have gone up by fifty cents in the past week.

I thought I would make it through New York City’s stay-at-home order unscathed, but I’ve spent more mornings crying in the bathroom for no real reason. So, to ease my mind, I got back to my roots.

I’ve been a horror fan and writer since I was a small child. Name pretty much any horror movie, TV show, or book and I’ve probably watched it, read it, Wikipedia-searched it, and can give numerous factoids about it. 

I love discussing horror and tying the genre to everyday events. There’s a lot of horrific events going on in the world today -- and there’s a lot to learn from the horror genre. To help make sense of it all, I created a horror-comedy, interview-style podcast called Pod of Madness

The show aims to provide opportunities for Womxn across the horror genre; make the genre more accessible; and tie the genre to the events of everyday life. Pod of Madness is what’s saving my sanity right now and I hope it can do the same for you.

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A week of working and avoiding the rain, fun! Definitely need to take some holiday soon… that’s all from me, byeeeee x