Merry that bit between Christmas and New Year!!

Hi all,

It’s a sunny Christmas Eve and I’m wrapping presents while listening to a 100% Xmas tunes playlist. Here is a gigantic picture of me as a reindeer, so that this newsletter has a social image.

I’ll keep this short and sweet as you’re probably doing something similar, or you’re on the move, or you’re home and family traditions have kicked in and your mum’s going to tell you off for being on your phone…

Here’s some stuff for when you’re bored on Boxing Day.

My list of things I wrote in 2019 that I’m proud of:

My podcast moments of the year:

Here’s my last published thing of the year - it’s about grief and what happens afterwards - and so is the newsletter Cruel Summer Book Club, by Jillian Anthony, Deputy Editorial Director, North America at Culture Trip. I recommend signing up.

That’s it, that’s the newsletter.

Thank you for reading! And for generally consuming my content! Your attention is gold dust and I appreciate it hugely.

I’ll write again in the new year when I should have a bit more news, and a slightly different direction for this lil publication.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy yourself and take some time off.

For anyone in London between December 26th and 31st, welcome to the The Best Time Of The Year. The place just empties out, it’s cold, it’s sunny and the city is ours again. Take lots of pictures and have a blast.

All the best,

Suchandrika x