I did my first live podcast recording - and lived to tell the tale!

Hi everyone,

We did it! Freelance Pod went live at the London Podcast Festival on Saturday!

Here are some of the other podcasts that were playing on Saturday:

We had some fun questions for the audience:

And the podcast merchandise got an outing:

Stickers too:

The recording will be released as an episode soon! I’ve got tickets for The Allusionist, Beef & Dairy Network and Rule of Three at the festival next weekend, so I’ll be back at Kings Place, and there’s lots more podding to enjoy - see you there?

In other news:

  • Want to know how to pitch your podcast to the commissioners? I’m hosting a panel about just that, on 18th September at Kings Place, featuring an editor from Whistledown, among others. Tickets are free - just sign up on the Eventbrite.

  • I contributed a tip to this Journo Resources piece on podcasting advice, timed to coincide with the start of the London Podcast Festival

  • Poetry Exchange’s appearance at the London Podcast Festival married the interactiveness of in-person podcasting with deep, emotional, literary conversation - if my live show hadn’t been scheduled against theirs, I’d have booked a slot with them on Saturday

That’s all for now - good luck with this grey Monday… x