Freelance Pod at EastCast Away on Thursday!

If you're in east London then, pop down to Dalston for some audio


Firstly - I’ve moved over to Substack, thanks to a well-timed tweet from Anna Codrea-Rado, aka The Professional Freelancer. The new sign-up url is if you’d like to pass it on.

Secondly - a little snippet of Freelance Pod will be played at this week’s EastCast Away Open Mic night at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden.

Thirdly - I’ve had a deadline extension on a piece for The Times / Raconteur about robotics and automation in biopharma research, if you know anyone I should be peaking to for that!

Fourthly - Anna Behrmann and Thea de Gallier’s investigation into anti-semitism at UK universities for BBC Three is a must-read.

Thanks for reading this midweek missive, hope you like the new look, and I’ll write again when I’ve got a new pod episode out! x